What we do


Core Services

  • Gemba Walk

    This floor analysis provides instant feedback on the current business condition.  A Gemba Walk, along with a Lean Assessment, will help us understand the next steps to take on your Lean journey.

  • Leadership Awareness

    The level of engagement of associates is never higher than the level of engagement of their leaders. Through guided Gemba Walks, Coaching and Workshops Honsha sensei’s help leaders understand Lean so they can better lead their people in their day to day work.

  • Lean Assessment

    A focused evaluation of the organization analyzes the all dimensions of lean readiness. Operational and technical levels are assessed in parallel to managerial and leadership levels. The outcome report presents the opportunities for alignment and their priorities which allows organizations to save time and efforts in their early steps into the lean journey.

  • Workshop and Training

    The instructors teach using the methodology developed by Toyota Motors and enhanced with their experiences outside of Toyota.  Utilizing the Socratic approach they lead teams into deep understanding of the TPS/Lean techniques. Workshops are connected to current needs and the learning is applied immediately on the floor. While learning will come from the simulations, exercises and concepts taught in class, deep understanding will come from the guided application at the Gemba.

  • Coaching for Implementation

    A dedicated sensei provides guidance and mentorship along the lean implementation. Coaching adds the elements of discipline and compliance to standards as deadlines and project management are closely followed by the mentor.

  • Lean Audit

    Sustaining the gains after a lean improvement is considered by many the most difficult part in the lean journey. If learning is difficult, un-learning unproductive habits can be even more difficult.  Our coaching process includes a structured operational audit early in the process. Periodically a sensei analyzes how well the company has been adhering to the system so the gains are not lost after the implementation. Honsha does not perform audits to plants that are implementing concepts as stand alone tools.

  • Certification

    Our mission is to develop capabilities within your organization so you are not dependent on an outside resource to multiply the results throughout the company. Our certification methodology TWI/OJT ensures that an internal agent assigned by the client, will be fully capable of disseminating the techniques and doing lateral implementation.

Executive Development Missions – Japan

Way beyond my expectations

This quote is one of the typical accolades for the Honsha Japan Executive Study missions.  The Missions have executives from all around the world and from sectors ranging from manufacturing to healthcare to service and many others.  According to the participants the learning is tremendous. Among the comments we receive are, “absolutely a milestone in my professional career”, “one of the richest experiences of my life”, and “a dream that came true in a very real way”. We expect even more enthusiastic responses from each of the next missions.

Domestic Lean Learning Mission (DLLM)

Regardless of where your company is on its Lean journey, you won’t want to miss this incredible week-long opportunity to learn from the Lean implementation successes of others, visit facilities that have embraced the culture of Lean, participate in an in-depth hands-on Lean simulation, and network with continuous improvement professionals.

New! High Mix Low Volume (HMLV) Solution

If you provide a High Variation of Products or type of Services, check out our Specialized Team.

  • Over 20 years experience of successfully improving leadership systems to focus on the most vital problems among the increased volume of issues within high variation environments,
  • Lean principles adapted & proven to benefit quality, lead-time and on time delivery within the more complex mixes of products & services
  • Our team leader Greg Lane received specialized Toyota Key Person training in Japan prior to this his 20 years of specialization in developing lean business systems in high mix low volume organizations. His hands on learning was truely enhanced by purchasing and tranforming a job shop in Silicon Valley, California.

What people who have worked with us have to say



Gisele Chimara – Lean System Manager, Mars Brazil

“After 2 years working with Honsha we decided to start Lean transformation in Administrative areas. We’ve been achieving great results, reducing process lead time and waste that results in cost reduction.”

Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota Motor Corporation

Kiyoshi Adaniya – Executive Coordinator

“Honsha never leaves out the core concepts that make the foundation of TPS/Lean.”

JP Morgan Chase

JP Morgan Chase

Sarah Merkey — Investment Manager

“The Honsha seminar revolutionized my thinking and approach to process improvement.”

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson

Osvaldo Louzane – Senior Director

“Honsha gives us a clear vision of how we can leverage the continuous improvement process in our organization, emphasizing the total involvement of everyone in search of the simple and effective.”

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