Hello friends of Honsha,

The May 2018 EDM is officially underway! We have an impressive group of 30 participants from around the globe representing a broad array of industries. This edition of the Executive Development Mission consists of leaders hailing from Australia, South Africa, India, China, and the USA.

Our opening day included visits to the Toyota Techno Museum and the Nagoya Castle. Participants were impressed by the live machine demonstrations at the Techno Museum, especially the mechanized processes symbolizing the historic evolution of the Toyota company. In spite of the rain-soaked afternoon, the group also enjoyed a walk through the Nagoya Castle grounds, particularly the newly-opened traditional home exhibit. Upon returning to the hotel, there was a lively round of introductions from each participant and their respective companies which provided enlightening information on the group’s diverse backgrounds and mission learning objectives.

Our week will be full of site visits, learning sessions, and group discussion. Everyone is excited for the rare opportunity to witness mature operating environments across a variety of sectors in the heart of lean thinking. Each participant company on this mission shares the common struggles and joys of a lean journey, and we are hopeful for many memorable moments created through this experience.

We look forward to sharing the week with you!