Why attend – May 2018 Tour

The May 2018 Executive Development Mission (EDM) aims to bring leaders to the next level of Lean thinking by demonstrating the power of cultural immersion. Guests will understand the pure principles of Kaizen directly from Gemba observations at Toyota and other Japanese organizations.

The Toyota Production System is considered to be the global benchmark of production control methods, leading Toyota Motors to be the most competitive motor company in the world. Today, many global companies have made the strategic decision to implement the Toyota Production System. We created the Executive Development Mission to see the experience the origin of Lean in a memorable way.

The mission offers seminars, on-site Kaizen training, and factory tours at world-leading facilities for structure and management through Lean and the Toyota Production System.

You’ll see how Toyota produces high quality automobiles. Multiple vehicle models are manufactured on a single production line to promptly respond to customer needs. With a guided tour, visitors see how body parts are welded onto a vehicle body and parts are assembled to form a complete vehicle.

In the Toyota Techno museum, you’ll see 4000 exhibition pieces – dynamic displays of original equipment, actual demonstrations by operators, instructive videos, and more. The exhibitions provide an easy-to-understand introduction to the concept of making things. Experience firsthand the spirit of the being studious and creative.

i-unit: single-seat concept

On exhibit here is a single-seat vehicle that can take its driver into motorways, pedestrian areas or an office without the driver ever leaving the vehicle.

Traffic Safety

Exhibition here includes the actual result of a collision test. Safety features to help drivers to avoid collisions such as the Vehicle Stability Control and Pre-crash Safety are also presented.

Safety drive simulation

You can virtually drive to feel how the safety devices support the driver. You will also see how reflectors help those who wear them stand out in the dark.


Introduced here are Toyota’s initiatives toward the ultimate eco-cars with the display of the Prius plug-in hybrid.


  • Training by experts with a Toyota Motors Background
  • Seminars and Kaizen Training
  • Case examples
  • Gemba walks
  • Networking with fellow participants
  • Daily group discussions and reflection


  • Study the background and structure of the Toyota Production System
  • Tour the world’s highest-level Factory
  • Analyze systems and processes in unique operating settings
  • Experience Japanese culture firsthand
  • Build relationships with fellow EDM participants

And more…

  • Spend a day at the Dojo immersed in Lean simulations and open discussions with former Toyota executives
  • Be guided by experienced Toyota-trained professionals during your week-long mission
  • Visit the origins of Lean and understand the core concepts that can only be seen at the Toyota Kaikan and Toyota Tech Museum
  • Choose to extend your mission with a cultural tour in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, or Nara


There are some minimum requirements to get maximum performance on your mission.

  • Leadership role
  • Fluent English

Information on the Toyota book and the TPS article will be provided immediately upon your registration has been confirmed.

Toyota Kaikan

Panorama 360° view