I’m José Carlos Farias, a Honsha consultant with a dedicated focus on people transformation and result achievement. Originally from São Paulo-SP, I currently reside in Sorocaba-SP. Throughout my life, I have been driven by a strong curiosity to learn and share knowledge.

My educational background includes a degree in Economics from Fundação Álvares Penteado, an MBA in Business Management from Fundação Getúlio Vargas, and technical courses in Accounting and Electrical Engineering. During my academic journey, both in college and during my MBA, I had the opportunity to lead various workgroups, drawing from my early professional experiences.

My professional journey has been diverse and extensive, with stints at several companies including Grupo Nelima, Siemens, Celite, and others. I primarily worked in the areas of inventory and cost management. However, it was during my nearly 26-year tenure at Toyota where my career truly took shape.
I began as a cost analyst and gradually expanded my responsibilities to encompass financial planning, the introduction of new products and units, result consolidation, cost reduction programs, and increasing profitability. This journey eventually led me to the role of Financial Manager.

During this time, I seized the opportunity to work for 2 years at (TMC) Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan, within the Strategic Planning department for Latin America. In this role, I managed to develop projects involving Brazil, Argentina, and Venezuela. Furthermore, I achieved certification from TMC as a Toyota Business Practice instructor (utilizing the PDCA Toyota model) and On Job Development (how to develop people in your workplace).

My career also involved working at Toyota’s plants in Indaiatuba, Porto Feliz, and Sorocaba, where I held managerial positions across various departments including Costs, HR, HSE, Production Planning/Control, and Administration. This phase allowed me to enhance my knowledge of labor relations, lead projects, and spearhead new product launches. The most profound learning experience, however, came from nearly a decade of actively engaging with the TPS (Toyota Production System) on a daily basis.

Subsequently, I transitioned to Honsha, where I embarked on my role as a Lean consultant, contributing to various sectors such as industry, agribusiness, transformation, services, and service dealerships. Currently, I hold the position of CFO at Honsha, participating in strategic decisions relating to customer acquisition and retention, internal policies, and the development of new business ventures.

My primary focus remains on people development as a pivotal factor in driving cultural change, fostering a culture of continuous learning, and ensuring our clients are satisfied with the results of transformation.

In my personal life, I hold family as the cornerstone of support and motivation for all endeavors. It provides a sense of security and a place of refuge. Additionally, I have a deep appreciation for connecting with nature, which imparts the wisdom of its silent, enduring, and ever-present force.

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