Who We Are

At Honsha, our dedication to excellence is at the heart of everything we do. For nearly a quarter of a century, we’ve been a trusted partner in Lean, providing impactful insights and practices that empower both individuals and their organizations.

With a global reach, our headquarters are based in San Diego, CA (USA), complemented by offices in São Paulo (Brazil), Lisbon (Portugal), and Yokohama (Japan). We collaborate with a wide spectrum of businesses, from budding enterprises to globally recognized corporations.

Our diverse clientele includes sectors such as broadcasting, automotive, government, pharmaceuticals, and many others.

Our clients benefit from our team’s deep roots in the TPS/Lean philosophy, honed by former Toyota managers, engineers, and executives who are intimately familiar with Toyota’s philosophy. This unique background offers insights that go above standard Lean tools.

What sets Honsha apart is our tailored approach. We take the time to understand each client’s business. Before introducing any techniques, our team immerses itself in the company’s culture, identifies areas for growth, and then develops targeted strategies for visible results.

More than just implementing tools, we empower each client to build a robust foundation, fostering self-reliance and sustainable improvement.

Our Mission

To develop capabilities within organizations so they can achieve excellence while utilizing their own resources.

Honsha is a Japanese word that translates to ‘Headquarters’ or ‘Origin.’

HON = Origin
SHA = Company

Toyota’s corporate headquarters is named ‘Honsha.’ As our associates are, or were, integral members of the company, our knowledge derives directly from the origin of TPS/Lean.


Lean Journey

Maximize customer value, minimize waste, and optimize processes – a proven approach to enhancing operational efficiency and customer experience, enabling companies to deliver greater value with fewer resources and less time.


Analysis of the ‘shop floor,’ providing feedback on the current condition.

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Assessing the operational and technical aspects of the organization.

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Workshops and Training

Knowledge tailored to customer needs.

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Implementation Coaching

Providing guidance and advice throughout Lean implementation.

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Leadership Awareness

Training leaders to guide their collaborators.

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Development Missions

Immersions in Lean culture through international visits.

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Analyzing, aligning, and adjusting the implementation process.

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Certification Process

Toyota Job Instruction methodology ensures internal resources are capable.

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Our Team

At Honsha, our strength lies in our team. This group is composed of highly skilled associates and professionals, many of whom have developed their skills at Toyota. They bring deep experience in a variety of business disciplines.

What sets our team apart is their ability to transform deep knowledge into practical guidance. As coaches, they excel in creating best practices, playing a key role in driving global change through their teachings and guidance.

Meet the dedicated individuals who make a difference at Honsha every day:

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Our professionals never stop growing; they are always evolving, whether it’s for their personal development or to benefit those around them. Honsha fosters a culture of continuous learning because, in our view, the comfort zone is never truly comfortable.

Furthermore, we are actively exploring new professional opportunities in the job market to expand our network of associates, collaborators, and consultants. Become a part of the Honsha team!

We are seeking individuals who are highly committed, not only to mastering Lean methodologies but also to upholding ethical standards, continuously expanding their knowledge, sharing expertise, and making a positive impact on lives.

The first step to becoming part of our team is right below. Please complete this form to submit your résumé. If your profile aligns with our opportunities and expectations, we will be in touch.

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