Hello, I’m Alex SV Grego. I’m 48 years old, married, and have two children. I hold a degree in Industrial Mechanical Engineering and I’m passionate about implementing TPS/Lean Manufacturing.

I have accumulated 29 years of experience in the industrial field, primarily focusing on planning new business units, expansions, and process changes. My professional journey began in August 1989 at Toyota do Brasil, where I dedicated 17 years of service, concluding in August 2006.

I initiated my career as a Senai Apprentice, working in the field of Machine Refurbishment. Over the next 12 years, I was engaged in Corrective and Preventive Maintenance, Stock Management of spare parts, and the supervision of maintenance work plans.

In my final five years at Toyota, I worked in the Process Engineering department, actively participating in the expansion and modernization of Machining, Assembly, Painting, Heat Treatment, Forging, and Robotic Welding lines for products related to the suspension of Corolla and Hilux. I placed a strong emphasis on the study and construction of Tooling, Machining Devices, Layout, Modification, and Installation of New Equipment, with a hands-on approach.

I was involved in validating the modernization project for the new Forge Shop at the SBC Unit, which focused on the production of connecting rods and crankshafts.

From 2007 to 2012, I worked in the Auto Parts segment, specifically with Scorpios, where I undertook new challenges. In the first year, I was responsible for Multi-Factory Maintenance processes, encompassing Corrective, Preventive, and Predictive Management. In the subsequent years, I assumed the role of Process Engineering Coordinator. I oversaw the assembly of a dedicated production unit for parts and subassemblies for the Corolla in São Mateus – SP, which earned recognition as a “Model Supplier for Toyota.” We implemented core TPS/Lean Manufacturing principles, including Kanban, TP, Kaizen, SMED, QA, and Milk Run, achieving Toyota’s approval and certification for all processes.

I also played a pivotal role in creating two new sites to serve other automakers, primarily GM and VW, focusing on robotic modernization and process optimizations. Finally, I was a key contributor in the planning, development, and construction of a new business unit in the Supply Park of Toyota in Sorocaba, SP. This endeavor involved close collaboration with Toyota on optimized layout models, material flows, products, people, stocks, and Milk Run logistics between sites and Toyota.

For three years, I worked as a Senior Consultant at Honsha, where I served two companies. One was in the high-quality aluminum doors and windows for the Civil Construction market, emphasizing stock optimization, production flows, and tool training, employing methods such as TP, PDCA, KAIZEN, and VSM. The second company was in the Fashion and Clothing Segment, specifically Alpargatas, Sandálias, and Havaianas. As a Lean consultant, I contributed to the detailing and optimization of process flows in existing sites and the establishment of a new unit in Montes Claros, MG, where I assumed the role of Industrial Engineering Manager from December 2015.

My responsibilities included overseeing the annual change of collections, studies, process validations, co-participation in the development of new technologies, validation of the team’s MTM Analysis, and layout changes for this Business Unit.

Starting in 2019, I became involved in the Masterplan project, initially as the Engineering Manager and, from December 2021, as the project’s Local PMO. This role involved implementing the strategic vision for multi-year expansion of all Business Units and the creation of a Smart Factory, aiming to validate new technologies and products and prepare units to meet future growth demands with minimal impact and reduced operating costs. Throughout the Masterplan project, I contributed to the development of VSMs, industrial layouts, project feasibility studies, CapEx and savings management, implementation of flows and new technologies, Digital Innovation (4.0 – Big Data and PBI), and industrial automation, concluding my involvement in this company in June 2023.

My areas of special interest include production engineering, mechanical design, value stream analysis, pull systems design, inventory optimization, cell design, standardized work, new plant design, standard work analysis, structured problem solving, change analysis, facilitation of improvement activities and events, Kaizen Teian implementation, process optimization, and TPM implementation, and digital management systems.

As mentioned in Senior Partner Sammy’s presentation, I share the belief in developing people by enhancing their skills and commitment, practicing humanized management of teams to achieve goals, and maintaining social relationships based on moral principles and values.

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