Hi, I’m Natalie, a product design and development enthusiast with a rich background spanning medical, electronic, consumable, and automotive industries. My career path has seen me evolve from a designer to a lead designer, and eventually to a design manager. This journey has taken me through a variety of environments, from start-ups to consultancies and large corporations across the USA. My true passion lies in the realms of visual brand language, process, strategy, consumer journey, and the art of communication within and beyond corporations.

At Honsha, my role involves consulting and coaching major global brands, guiding them on how to maximize the value of design in their operations. I’m also dedicated to education, acting as a tutor to professionals in product development, where I share insights on design-led innovation and best practices.

My academic journey has been a cornerstone of my career. I graduated from Northwestern University with a Masters in Product Design and Development Management and hold a BFA in Industrial Design with a Minor in Communications Graphics from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. These experiences have not only shaped my professional outlook but also fueled my commitment to continuous learning and sharing knowledge in the field of design.

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