Hi, I’m Tom, known for my engaging and friendly approach to leadership, creating a work environment that’s not just about growth and challenges, but also about having a bit of fun. With over 40 years of experience, my career has been dedicated to helping maintenance teams develop their people and processes, making them key contributors within their organizations.

My journey began as a Fitter and Turner, and I quickly embraced the principles of the Toyota Production System (TPS) during my time at Toyota Australia. I progressed through various roles, from Team Leader to Group Leader, and eventually to Capability Development Manager within the TPS office. These roles have allowed me to deeply understand and contribute to the continuous improvement of maintenance practices.

Among my passions and achievements, I’m particularly proud of setting up internationally recognized Maintenance Jiritsuka (self sustainability) programs, conducting On the Job Development for maintenance teams, and being a recognized trainer in Standardized Work and Kaizen. I’ve also been deeply involved in up-skilling Toyota Australia employees for their careers post-Toyota Australia. My love for travel has recently led me to guide a maintenance team in North America, helping them enhance their effectiveness across multiple sites.

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