Hi there, I’m Barry, a proud graduate and perpetual student of the Toyota Production System. My journey with TPS has taken me across the globe, from the production lines of Australia, Thailand, and Indonesia, to Kentucky and the heart of it all in Japan. These experiences have not just been jobs; they have been a meaningful part of my life, teaching me the nuances of integrated systems and routines with a deep respect for human resource development.

In my career, I’ve had the opportunity to implement a wide range of practices at both company-wide and shop floor levels. This includes Hoshin Kanri, Toyota Business Practices, On-job-development, and Leadership Development, as well as shop floor management, engineering, logistics development systems, and tools like Jishuken, Standardized work, A3, and PDCA. My roles have varied from working in the Toyota Institute and Manufacturing Organizational Planning and Development to the TPS office within Toyota itself.

What perhaps sets my journey apart is my diverse educational background. I hold a Master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology, a Graduate Diploma in Business, and Diplomas in Training and Assessment, and Competitive Systems and Practices. My first foray into academia was a degree in Civil Engineering, and I currently serve as a chapter president of AME in Australia. This blend of practical experience and academic learning has enabled me to bring continuous improvement to sectors beyond automotive, including food processing, manufacturing, packaging, printing, and even front-of-house food service and management.

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