Hello! I’m Dário Yanagita, originally from São Paulo, Brazil.

I hold a degree in Production Engineering from the University of São Paulo (USP) and have a postgraduate degree in Advertising and Marketing from the School of Advertising and Marketing (ESPM), both highly recognized institutions in Brazil.

I began practicing Lean at Mercedes-Benz do Brasil in 1994. There, I rose to the position of Lean Coordination Manager, reporting to the Board of Directors. One of the standout activities was the formation of Lean multipliers. We trained a total of 50 multipliers, not only Brazilian but also German and Chinese. I spent a total of 15 years at Mercedes-Benz.

I joined Toyota do Brasil in 2004. At Toyota, I managed Production areas for the Corolla, Production Control and Logistics, Assured Quality, and Environment, which provided me with a broad and privileged view of the Toyota Production System, not only from a manufacturing perspective but mainly from a management and administration standpoint. I accumulated another 15 years of experience at Toyota.

As a member of the Honsha.ORG team, I have accumulated experiences with a wide range of clients. Some highlights include:

● SEG Automotive: Automotive component supplier, such as starter motors and alternators. I contributed to increasing OEE from 70% to 85%.
● Raízen: A leading agribusiness in sugar and ethanol production. I contributed to improving performance by $90 million BRL in 2023/24.

In addition to my professional career, I also highly value my family. I take pride in having been able to balance personal and professional life. I always seek to find time to spend with my family, travel, and engage in physical activities like walking.

It’s a privilege to be a part of Honsha.ORG because here, in addition to everything mentioned, I have the opportunity to practice volunteering through ‘Lean for Hope’ and contribute to society.

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