Hi, I’m Darril, a teacher at heart with a deep-seated passion for Continuous Improvement. My journey with Toyota has been a cornerstone of my professional life, providing me with invaluable experiences and insights. While at Toyota I had the privilege of leading the development and implementation of The Toyota Way, at Toyota’s Kentucky plant, piloting the Toyota Business Practice globally, and learning from Toyota’s internal TPS sensei group. Additionally, being part of the start-up team at Toyota Texas gave me a firsthand look at how Toyota establishes new operations from scratch.

These experiences at Toyota have shaped my approach to working with organizations worldwide. I’ve engaged in direct coaching, transformation projects, and shared Lean principles through keynote addresses at various conferences and company meetings globally. My work is about not just imparting knowledge but also about inspiring change and fostering continuous improvement across diverse sectors.

My educational background includes a Master of Science in Instructional Design and a Bachelor of Arts in Education. In addition to Toyota certifications in TPS-Standardized Work, I hold several external certifications in Leadership and Management systems. As an active speaker, I’ve delivered presentations and keynote speeches on Lean Principles across the world, including events like Harvard Business Review-Latin America’s “Lean in Action” series, the Dutch Lean Management Institute Lean Summit, and conferences in Brazil, Abu Dhabi, Washington State, and at ISM University of Management and Economics in Lithuania.

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