Hello. My name is José Carlos Farias, a Lean consultant at Honsha.ORG focused on transforming people and achieving results.

I hold a degree in Economics from the Fundação Álvares Penteado and an MBA in Business Management from the Fundação Getúlio Vargas, and technical courses in Accounting and Electrotechnics. During my college and MBA years, I had the opportunity to lead several workgroups, drawing from my early professional experience.

I’ve accumulated extensive professional experience working for various companies like Grupo Nelima, Siemens, Celite, among others, always in the areas of Inventory and Cost. However, it was at Toyota, with nearly 26 years of trajectory, where I consolidated my career.

Starting as a cost analyst, expanding into financial planning, planning for new products and new units, results consolidation, where I reached the position of Financial Manager. In this role, I coordinated the feasibility of several projects, organizing cost reduction programs and achieving significant reductions in tax payments.

I had the opportunity to work for 2 years at (TMC) Toyota Motor Corporation – Japan, in the Strategic Planning area for Latin America, where I managed projects with Brazil, Argentina, and Venezuela. I was also certified by TMC as an instructor in Toyota Business Practice (PDCA Toyota model) and On the Job Development (how to develop people in their workplace).

I also worked in Toyota’s SBC, Indaiatuba, Porto Feliz, and Sorocaba plants where I held managerial positions in the areas of Costs, HR, SSMA, Production Planning/Control, and Administration. I was able to enhance my knowledge in labor relations, project management, and new product launches. But the main learning experience was working almost 10 years experiencing the Toyota Production System (TPS) on a daily basis.

I’ve had the opportunity to be a speaker at events such as Lean Summit and others.

At Honsha, as a Lean consultant, I work in various areas such as industry, agribusiness, transformation, services, and service dealership. I’m also the CFO of Honsha.ORG, participating in strategic decisions in the Brazil unit.

I believe in people’s development as a determining factor for cultural change, continuous learning, and customer satisfaction.

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