Hello, I’m Lando Nishida, Managing Director at Honsha.org and a Lean consultant with over 20 years of international experience across various industry and service sectors. Since 2008, I’ve been a part of the Honsha team, where I’ve had the privilege of contributing to the continuous improvement of organizations, always striving for excellence in every challenge.

I hold specialization in Immersive Technology and Digital Transformation, complemented by a degree in mechanical engineering from the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo.

As a founding member and vice-president of Lean Academy Portugal, affiliated with the Lean Global Network, I play a pivotal role in propagating Lean principles within Portugal. I’ve also held significant positions, such as Project Manager and Senior Advisor at Institut Lean France. In this role, I was involved in Lean dissemination within French multinational companies, providing Lean manager training and multiplying Lean practices across more than 30 countries in Europe and Asia. Additionally, I served as a Project Manager at Lean Institute Brasil.

In addition to my extensive Lean experience, I hold certification in Smart Manufacturing through MIT’s (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) executive training program in Boston, USA, where I resided for two years. This intensive training has equipped me with a solid foundation in digital transformation and emerging technologies.

My commitment to innovation led me to establish PMLEAN TECH, a technology company based in Portugal and Brazil. In recent years, my focus has been on developing and implementing immersive technological tools, including Virtual/Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. I specialize in crafting tailored metaverses and Digital Twins for companies across various sectors on a global scale. These solutions connect people, facilitating virtual and collaborative interactions, and enabling the visualization of the ideal state of their innovative projects.

Furthermore, I have led projects in Process Automation, high-precision Real-Time Location and Monitoring Systems, software for process analysis and optimization, strategy deployment (Hoshin Kanri), and the development of virtual avatars with Artificial Intelligence. These endeavors have propelled operational efficiency, boosted engagement and learning retention in training, and fostered intelligent decision-making.

Drawing on my extensive Lean background and expertise in cutting-edge technologies, I’ve had the opportunity to speak at and sponsor numerous technology events, including Web Summit Rio 2023. In doing so, I have consistently promoted the pursuit of operational excellence and digital transformation within organizations across the globe.

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