Hello! I’m Oliver, but you can call me Ollie. For over 20 years, I’ve been immersed in the health and safety profession, dedicating my career to effective leadership and strategic implementation. My goal has always been to manage key risks in a practical and impactful way.

As a trainer, speaker, and problem-solver, I thrive in engaging with diverse groups. Whether I’m speaking or listening, I bring a sense of authenticity and connection that resonates with people from every background. It’s this ability to energize rooms and connect on a human level that I find most rewarding.

My professional experience spans various industries, including Railways, Local Government, Mining, Manufacturing, and Health Care. With a background in sports science and psychology, I approach every challenge with a ‘human-first’ mindset. My educational qualifications include a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Movement Studies/Exercise Science, a Bachelor of Arts with majors in Sports Studies and Psychology, a Postgraduate Certificate in Ergonomics, Safety and Health, and a Graduate Certificate in Competitive Systems and Practices. This diverse academic foundation fuels my commitment to improvement and setting people up for success in every aspect of health and safety.

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