Hello, I’m Alberto Nakamura, and over a 40-year professional career, I have held various positions, including Technician of Machining Methods and Processes, Supervision, Management, and Directorship in companies within the automotive and machine tool sectors. These companies include Toyota do Brasil, Perkins Engines, Thyssen Production Systems, Jireh Automação, CSI Controles Sistemas Industriais, where I worked in the areas of process engineering, project engineering, product development, and technical assistance.

Throughout this journey, I have accumulated extensive knowledge in industrial production management, special machine projects, equipment and automation systems, implementation of production processes, people management, field implementation, and training. Since 2018, I have worked as a Lean consultant, providing methodology training for professionals and university students across various disciplines.

In 2021, I joined Honsha.org, a company specializing in the transformation and implementation of Lean Culture. In this role, I have been involved in large-scale capacity-building training projects and the implementation of techniques and methodologies of the Toyota Production System.

My educational background includes a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Universidade Santa Cecília dos Bandeirantes – Santos and a postgraduate degree in Production Administration and General Administration from IMES SCS. Additionally, I have supplemented my training through various courses, including Lean Manufacturing, Strategic Planning, PMI Project Management, Black Belt – Six Sigma, A+E Entrepreneurial Attitudes from NJE – FIESP, Empretec Seminar – SEBRAE, Managing People through Situational Leadership – FIESP, Professionalization of the Family Business – FIESP, Continuous Improvement/MSP (Problem Solution Method) – CIESP, ISO 9000 Program – SEBRAE, and Communication and Negotiation from the Brazilian Society of Neurolinguistic Programming.

I have also contributed to the industry as a member of the Board of Directors of various organizations, including CIESP – São Bernardo do Campo (2005-2008), CIESP – Diadema (2009-2011), and as a member of DECOMTEC – Department of Competitiveness and Technology at FIESP (2006).

My belief centers around the development of people through enhancing their skills and commitment, practicing humanized team management to achieve goals, and fostering social relationships based on moral principles and values.

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