Hello, I’m Alecsandro Modanez. I was born in Guarulhos/SP, Brazil, and I’ve spent a significant part of my life in Indaiatuba/SP. Currently, I reside in Americana, two cities in the interior that I consider wonderful due to the exceptional quality of life they offer. While I don’t have children of my own, I have the privilege of being an uncle and a grandfather, and they are my greatest blessings.

I have a deep passion for cooking and I thoroughly enjoy experimenting with new dishes and flavors, constantly seeking innovation and culinary knowledge.
My professional journey spans over two decades at Toyota do Brasil. I began as a Multifunctional Operator in the Painting area and later in Stamping. It was during this time that I had the privilege of becoming a part of the Presses group. This early exposure instilled in me the significance of Standardized Work and the operational standards of the new sector, igniting my desire to learn more and contribute to process improvements.

I actively participated in the implementation of the sector’s Training Center and had the opportunity to travel to Japan to acquire the skills necessary to become a Fundamental Skills trainer (SENSEI).

These experiences equipped me for new challenges, with one of the most significant ones being a TPS (Toyota Production System) Trainer. I was among the first group of Brazilian students (10 Students) to be certified by the Japan Headquarters, and I became a TPS trainer, responsible for training new Toyota leaders. I provided training for leaders at the Indaiatuba, São Bernardo, Sorocaba, and Porto Feliz Plants, as well as the Zárate Plant in Argentina. My journey within Toyota took me from an operator role to a Production Supervisor and Quality Control Supervisor.

Subsequently, I embraced the role of Quality Control Supervisor at the Sorocaba plant, where my team and I were tasked with developing Toyota’s internal suppliers. Implementing TPS concepts at more than 90 suppliers, we achieved significant improvements in performance indicators.

In 2019, I became a part of the Honsha Family, where I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside friends I had long admired within Toyota and wished to follow in their footsteps. As a Lean consultant, I have served companies from diverse sectors, continually learning from the people I collaborate with and sharing my knowledge.

I’ve also had the opportunity to work in Mexico, where I served at an abrasive manufacturing company. It was during this time that I learned from a wise Sensei who once said, “Brazil needs Lean.” Since then, my purpose has been to disseminate this system, helping people and companies enhance their processes.

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