Hello! I’m Leandra Rodrigues Oliveira, a business consultant focused on goal achievement, and I love working with people.

Born in Cajuru-SP, Brazil; I grew up in an environment surrounded by business managers where, over time, I developed the same mindset to generate interest in developing people and businesses.

I’m a professional with an MBA in Business Management (2007), graduated in Metallurgical Engineering (2005), with the following development experiences:

  • USA in 2007 for an entrepreneurship course (1 week);
  • Japan in 2008 with Toyota (3 months) to develop a forging project;
  • USA in 2013 for Toyota client service in West Virginia.
  • Argentina in 2017 with Toyota for presentation to TASA client;
  • Specialist in JKK (Jikoutei-Kanketsu Training) “I guarantee my process” in office, since 2017.

With over 17 years of professional experience, focusing on the industrial and automotive sectors.

  • Experienced in planning strategies and managing guidelines focused on increasing performance and quality of company operations, aiming to achieve the company’s goals and increase business profitability.
  • Passionate about identifying bottlenecks, eliminating unnecessary activities, simplifying processes, and implementing good management practices to increase productivity and ensure excellence in all operations.
  • Strong involvement in Quality Management and Control, as well as the use of quality tools (Standard Work, JKK, TPS, Cause and Effect Diagram, Pareto Chart, Flowchart, Control Chart), and other technical tools (FMEA, PDCA, BMC, Kaizen) involving the quality of products, processes, customers, and suppliers.
  • Solid experience in monitoring KPIs and providing support for strategic decision-making.
  • I am well organized and have the ability to quickly adapt to change.

I believe in daily learning, with humility and wisdom in professional and personal matters.

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