Hello, I’m Marcos Ciarota de Jesus, an associate Lean consultant at Honsha.ORG since November 2022.

Originally from Indaiatuba, I’m known at Honsha simply as Ciarota.

I graduated in Business Administration from Unimax College with a focus on business management.

I have 23 years of experience working in multinational companies. My career began in 1998 at Toyota do Brasil in Indaiatuba.

I specialize in Lean, and enjoy helping manage the operational part of companies, developing improvement Kaizens for safety, quality, productivity, and cost reduction.

In 2005, I was appointed to Japan to attend a course to become a Production Skills trainer at the Dojo with certification from TMC – Toyota Motor Corporation.

In mid-2010, I had a significant challenge, to develop cost reduction activities in the Welding sector where I stayed for 5 years and had the opportunity to benchmark in Taiwan, to acquire more knowledge and experience.

I love production line management activities, Lean methodology, and I also enjoy cycling and running on weekends. I spend a lot of time with my beloved parents and I’m very fond of a good sunny beach.

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