Hello, I’m Marcos Kawagoe and I am the Senior Technical Director of Honsha in Latin America, supporting projects in different types of businesses worldwide.

‘m originally from São Paulo – SP, the grandson of Japanese immigrants who came to Brazil after the Second World War in search of new opportunities and possibilities to thrive in Brazil.

Since I was young, my parents placed great emphasis on education, sparing no effort so that my siblings and I could attend good schools in São Paulo (Caetano de Campos and Colégio Bandeirantes).

I graduated in Production Engineering from the Polytechnic School of USP, complementing my studies with an MBA in Administration from Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia and postgraduate studies in Finance from Ibmec/Insper.

In 1992, I specialized in TPS (Toyota Production System) for almost a year at the Denso headquarters in Japan, a member of the Toyota group of companies. I had the opportunity to experience and practice TPS/Lean in the company and with its suppliers.

Subsequently, I worked at Accenture, Saint Gobain, and spent 13 years at Embraer. Since 2020, I have been a Lean consultant at Honsha, serving companies in the industries of manufacturing, construction, services, and agribusiness, among others.

At Embraer, I was one of the leaders in Lean transformation through the creation of the Embraer Business Excellence Program in 2007, the P3E, implementing Kaizen Project Execution, training the company’s Lean Specialists, and disseminating its Philosophy throughout the company’s units worldwide.

I have guided over 500 Kaizen Blitz and Kaikaku Projects both in Brazil and abroad (China, United States, France, England, Czech Republic, Portugal and Spain) in Production processes, Administration, Engineering, and Service.

I have also traveled to Japan several times:
2007: Specialization in Genba Kaizen at an event organized by the Shingijutsu Corporation.
2016: Update on Kaizen and 5S at an event organized by JICA.
2023: Accompanying a group in the Executive Development Mission (EDM) organized by Honsha.

In addition to my career, I highly value the balance between personal and professional life. I always seek to spend with my family, travel, and engage in physical activities such as running and soccer with friends.

My personal and professional values such as ethics, transparency, trust, and open communication are the foundation of my work as a Lean business consultant and in the various relationships and interactions with the business partners with whom I work.

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