Hello! I’m Milton Hirotoshi Sakahara, a Lean business consultant with a passion for TPS concepts. I was born in São Paulo-SP, and from an early age, I developed an interest in the workings of mechanical mechanisms and their logic, which led me to start my studies as a mechanical technician and later in mechanical engineering.

My education includes a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of São Paulo (UNESP), a renowned institution in Brazil. During my academic training, I received training and developed analytical and strategic skills that have been fundamental in my career.

With over 33 years of experience, during my professional journey, I learned the essence of the Toyota Production System (TPS) at Toyota do Brasil in the Quality area and at TMC in after-sales (as an International Instructor), and I am also an International TPM Instructor by IMC of Brazil.

I have worked as a Lean Consultant and Total Quality Manager with a wide range of clients, from agribusiness, hospitals and textiles to multinational companies in different sectors, such as:

· Vicunha Textil: A global fabric manufacturing company with factories in Brazil, Argentina, and Ecuador, acting as Total Quality Manager for 9 years implementing TPS with a reduction of almost $10 million BRL.

· Hapvida Saude: The largest complementary health insurer in Brazil with more than 80 hospitals throughout the country.

· Bevap and Agrovale: Sugar, Alcohol, and Energy Mills with 100% irrigated sugarcane fields, each with over 2.0 million tons of sugarcane per harvest.

· Embrapa: A state-owned company that develops technology in agribusiness throughout the Brazilian territory with more than 40 active units.

My family life and my faith are as important as my professional life. It’s extremely important for me to balance my personal, spiritual, and professional life. Even amidst numerous activities and commitments, I make time to be with my family, meditate, travel, and engage in physical activities to preserve well-being and quality of life. Perhaps that’s why my hobbies include cycling and cooking.

Developing people, helping those in need, and doing good are always the principles that I practice in my life.

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