Hello! I’m Nelson Kondo, Lean consultant, passionate about people, business management and continuous improvement. I was born in Apiaí, São Paulo, Brazil, and throughout my career I have developed the ability to solve problems and help people reach their maximum potential.

My education includes training in Business Administration from ESAN/FEI, specialization in Quality Control and Productivity – JICA/OVTA-Japan, MBA in Business Management from FGV and Postgraduate in Social and Business Responsibility from SENAC.

With more than 30 years of experience in Productivity, Lean and people development, where I have accumulated a portfolio of projects carried out, including:
⦁ Planning and implementation of the facilities part of the Toyota Plant, in Sorocaba.
⦁ Planning and implementing theoretical and practical training for new employees.
⦁ Development and implementation of the factory floor leadership program.
⦁ Acculturation and implementation of industrial training, such as TWI (TJI – Toyota Job Instruction, TCS – Toyota Communication System, TBP – Toyota Business Practice), Problem Solving and Quality Control Circle.
⦁ Implementation and strengthening of the Problem Solving culture and mindset (Toyota Business Practice)
⦁ Strengthening people’s engagement through sporting events (Ekiden), community gardens, voluntary and social activities.

In addition to my professional career, I greatly value my family, which is my support. I learned the importance of having a well-balanced and well-lived personal and professional life. I am an ultramarathon runner, competitive, I like challenges and overcoming limits, which brings me self-knowledge, self-realization, well-being and quality of life.

My personal and professional values ​​are the basis of my work as a business consultant. I believe in work ethics, integrity, respect and commitment to excellence.

Transparency, trust and open communication are fundamental principles for establishing long-term relationships with my clients and partners.

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