Hello, I’m Rina, and my passion lies in blending lean systems with human resource development to create impactful organizational changes. With my background in both areas, I focus on a people-centric approach to apply lean methodologies effectively within organizations.

My expertise includes designing and leading comprehensive lean systems training programs. These programs are tailored for various levels within an organization, from front-line team members to senior managers. What I love most about my work is the opportunity to coach teams, fostering teamwork and discipline, essential for successful lean transformations. My approach always prioritizes sustainable results while respecting and valuing the workforce.

Educationally, I hold a Bachelor in Human Resources in Organizational Learning, a Graduate Certificate in Competitive Enterprise, and an MBA. My commitment to continuous learning has led me to pursue diverse studies, including a Diploma in Environmental Sustainability and advanced courses in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Lean Systems, with study missions in the USA and Japan. Currently, I’m working towards my PhD at Swinburne University of Technology’s Faculty of Business and Enterprise.

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