My name is Rogério Alves, and you can call me Roger. My professional journey began early in the automobile industry, starting at General Motors. However, I consider my true professional and, why not, personal development to have taken off when I joined Toyota do Brasil at the São Bernardo do Campo plant, where they produced the bandeirantes.

In 1987, I started in the maintenance department, and over time, I transitioned through various roles, including special projects, utilities (where I was responsible for managing the supply of steam, compressed air, electrical energy, and effluent treatment), and eventually moved into production. In the production department, I specialized in areas related to presses, maintenance, and tooling.

Throughout my 33-year tenure at Toyota, I had the invaluable opportunity to immerse myself in the company’s philosophy through numerous training courses, both in Brazil and Japan. These courses, particularly focused on Lean methodologies, have equipped me with skills that can be applied not only in the professional realm but also in our daily lives.

In addition to this extensive hands-on experience, I hold a degree in mechanical technology, which has honed my analytical, strategic, and leadership abilities.

My career at Toyota has spanned a diverse range of roles, starting in maintenance and culminating as a production executive. This wealth of experience has enabled me to work with a broad spectrum of clients, from startups to multinational corporations, across different sectors such as technology, manufacturing, retail, financial services, and healthcare.

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