Hello, I’m Valquiria Campion, a business consultant who is deeply passionate about people. Listening to individuals and having the opportunity to assist them in their daily lives, creating an organized work environment with standardized activities that simplify their routines, is what truly motivates me.

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, my childhood dream was to become an architect. However, life led me into the world of vehicle manufacturing. It was a significant challenge, being a woman in a predominantly male environment, but I persevered and earned my place and respect.

I graduated in Interior Design, a profession I never pursued directly, but it provided me with a solid foundation in understanding space, organization, and proportion. These principles have been fundamental in my work for many years and have unexpectedly become the cornerstone of my future work in Lean consultancy.

With over 25 years of experience in a vehicle assembly plant, specifically at Toyota do Brasil, and furthering my education with an MBA in Leadership, Team Management, and Productivity from PUC do Rio Grande do Sul, I felt prepared for a new challenge. This challenge involved sharing all the knowledge I had acquired during these years with others.

Today, I have the privilege of supporting companies across various sectors, engaging in the exchange of experiences, analyzing their needs, teaching Lean methodologies, and proposing improvements in their work environments.

Beyond my professional career, I find solace in being at home, savoring every corner, tending to plants, and enjoying cooking. Yet, I also relish going out with my husband to dine or explore new places. Traveling to rural and mountainous areas holds a special charm for us.

I’ve always striven for excellence in all that I do, a principle I cultivated from years of interacting with clients. I firmly believe that excellence is achieved through giving one’s best. To attain this, I’ve learned that listening to people will always remain the key to success in business. Never underestimate the value of your customers and endeavor to comprehend their needs, as this fosters loyalty.

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